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Fornasetti, design house loved by so many, was the creation of the late artist, craftsman, poet and printer Piero Fornasetti. Born in 1913, his work transformed the art scene of the 20th century by following the path of ‘Tema e Variazioni’- Themes and Variations. Revered for his application of two dimensional art to three dimensional form, he adapted drawings to real life objects and surfaces such as furniture, theatre sets, books, magazine covers and interiors. Butterflies, fish, coins, the sun and clocks are all familiar images seen in Fornasetti design.


Probably the most defining moment of Piero’s design career was his adaptions of the opera singer Lina Cavalieri famous during her time of 1874-1944. Piero’s son, Barnaba Fornasetti is now head of the design house and recalls Piero’s love of the singer’s image “After seeing an old print of her face, my father believed that Cavalieri’s face had…

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